Changing Text Size Using Netscape

To increase the text size:

  • Click on the ‘ View ‘ menu with the mouse or pressing ‘ Alt ’ + ‘ V ’.
  • Click on the ‘ Text Zoom ’ option with the mouse or press ‘ Z ’.
  • Click on the text size you want with the mouse or use the up and down keys and then ‘ Enter ’ to select the text size you want .

The text on our website should now have changed to reflect your choice.

If you are using an earlier version of Netscape than version 7 then the above instructions will not work on some websites because of the way they have fixed (hard-coded) the size of their text.

You can also set a minimum font size for all the web pages you visit in your browser preferences as an alternative to using the ‘ Text Zoom ’ option.

To do so:

  • Click on the ‘ Edit ‘ menu with the mouse or press ‘ Alt ’ + ‘ E ’ .
  • Click on ‘ Preferences ’ or press ‘ E ’ to open the preferences dialog box.
  • Click on the ‘ Font ’ heading underneath the ‘ Appearance ’ category or use the arrow keys to select ‘ Font ’ . If you cannot see the ‘ Font ’ heading, you may need to expand the ‘ Appearance ’ category. Do this by either double clicking on ‘ Appearance ‘, or selecting ‘ Appearance ’ with the arrow keys and pressing the right arrow key.
  • Click on the drop down box next to ‘ Minimum font size: ’ and choose a font size by clicking on it or press the ‘ Tab ’ key until the box is highlighted, then press the up arrow to expand the list, choose a new font size by selecting the size you want with the ‘ up ‘ and ‘ down ’ arrow keys and then press ‘ Enter ’ .
  • If there is a tick in the check box ’ Allow documents to use other fonts ‘ you might need to uncheck it for your minimum font size to work, to do this click on the box to uncheck it or press the ‘ Tab ‘ key until the checkbox is highlighted and then press the ‘ Spacebar ‘ to uncheck it.
  • Now click ‘ OK ’ or press ‘ Enter ‘ to return to Netscape.


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