Conference & Annual General Meeting

The MEA holds an Annual General Meeting and Conference annually, usually in November. Recent venues have included The Cambridge Belfry, De Vere Wokefield Park,  Royal Agricultural University, Badminton House, Greenwich Royal Naval College, Chatsworth Housethe British Racing School at Newmarket and Burghley House.

MEA Annual Conference 2021

We are pleased to announce some details regarding the 2021 MEA Conference
being held on Friday 26th November at The Oxforshire Spa & Hotel.

Please remember that we welcome all at the conference – so if any members now anyone that would like to come please do forward the details or get them to get in touch with Gemma, Delegates don't to have a medical background although it may make the conference more interesting for them if they had a vague interest!

Please see find the Conference Application Form. It is an editable PDF so you can complete it online if you wish (not on a phone though) - or you can print it out and post it! As detailed on the form, payment can either be by BACS or by cheque. If you struggle with the link, please let Gemma know (contact details below).

Please complete and return the form as soon as possible if you can come.

Timetable for Conference

09.30               1 “Human Factors in Equestrian Events Medicine” Mr Ricky Ellis presented by Dr Reena Ellis

10.15               2 “A Review of equestrian injuries admitted to a major trauma centre 2020-2021”  Miss Suzannah Hoult, BSc, MBChB, MRCS, MSc Euro Dip Hand Surg

11.00              Morning break

11.15               3 “Head Injury Research” Rosy Hyman, BHA Racing Industry Concussion Practitioner

12.00               4 “Human vs. Horse: The similarities and differences in sports medicine across the species” Naomi Mellor BVM&S Cert AVP (EM) MRCVS, BHA Veterinary Officer

12.45              MEA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2021                             

13.00               Lunch

14.00               5 “Advanced Analgesia” Dr Andrew Haynes, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine Senior Fellow

14.45               6 “Fall safe courses - protecting the athlete and the sport” Michael Eames, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Fiona Fitzgibbon BSc MIRVAP IEH & Gary Spence, martial arts expert

15.30               Afternoon break

16.00               7 “British Eventing Panel” BE CEO Helen West, BE CMO Katharine Hartington & BE Safety Officer Jonathon Clissold

The Annual MEA Dinner will also take place at the Hotel in the evening after the conference to which all are very welcome.  Tickets are £50 per person - please note that the dinner is not exclusive to attendees of the conference. This means any of you attending could bring a partner who may wish to have a round of golf, a day in the Spa or a trip to Bicester Shopping village before joining us in the evening!


Annual General Meeting 2021 

The Annual General Meeting of the Medical Equestrian Association will be held at 12.45 pm on Friday 26th November 2021, at The Oxfordshire Spa & Hotel.

To be held on 26th November 2021 at 12.45pm

at The Oxfordshire, Rycote Lane, Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 2PU

Chairman: Dr M Hardman   Secretary: Dr C Rollason    Treasurer: Dr A Mackinnon


  1. To read the notice convening the meeting


  1. To sign the register of attendance and to receive a declaration that only those who will vote on proposals are entitled to do so as full subscribing and paid-up members (not associate or corporate member) of the Association.

  1. To receive apologies for absence: Jonathan Clissold, Rosey Fisher, Graham Russell, Viv Tut, Aurelie Hay David, Steve Pigott, Brona Donnellan, Chris Rollason, Suzannah Hoult


  1. To receive minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2020 and actions arising.

  1. To receive the Chairman’s report

  1. To receive the Secretary’s report

  1. To receive the Treasurer’s report

  1. To receive resolution: none received.

  1. To elect new officers and members to Council: following the completion of term by our Chair, Meg Hardman, Hon Secretary Chris Rollason & Hon Treasurer Anna-Louise Mackinnon, and the resignation of Daryl Freeman as Vice Chair, the following have been proposed to office:

Chair: Dr Andy Simpson (Proposed by Dr Hardman, Seconded by Dr Freeman)

Vice Chair: Dr Stephen Andrews (Proposed by Dr Simpson, Seconded by Dr Hardman)

Hon Sec: Dr Will Wall (Proposed by Dr Hardman, Seconded by Dr Simpson)

Hon Treasurer:


Andy Simpson and Will Wall now complete their term as Members of council also.

Members of Council x2:


  1. Any other business: Constitution: Council Office length of term, “make up” of council

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