Pre-briefing and the MO contract

Medical Officer Pre-briefing/Record of Agreement

This page can be printed and used as template for a record of information provided and services agreed.

Organisers are encouraged to address the following with Medical Officers prior to an event.

Event Requirements

  • cover for competitors ('field of play') and/or crowd
    (check your insurance: there is no statutory requirement for a crowd doctor if numbers are less than 2,000, but clearly first aid cover will be desirable if not mandatory)


  • single MO or a team of two or more; whether there will be a 'senior' or 'chief' MO
    (this applies to Point-to-Points and larger BE competitions)


  • paramedic, ambulance and first-aid personnel and equipment
    (i.e. the other medical services the MO can expect to be working with)


  • duration, start and finish times


  • medical rules for the competition including doctor's qualifications (see medical rules for the event)


Support for the MO

  • point of contact before the event and on arrival


  • contact details for paramedic and ambulance team before the event




  • vehicle (4WD if MO does not have; they cannot rely on course ambulance if duties require cover for different areas of competition)


  • meals and refreshments


  • travel expenses and accommodation if required; any other fees
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