Emergency Care at Equestrian Events - ECEQE

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Emergency Cover at Equestrian Events (ECEQE)

The course was devised in 2007 by Doctors at Events.  In 2015, The MEA took over the running of the course. The MEA Council found that doctors were not attending an equestrian specific two day course that was available at the time. Council decided that it needed a one day course that was a “top-up” course to the formal pre-hospital courses that are available, e.g. PHTLS, but that was very equestrian focussed. Doctors at Events was formed as a result of those discussions and the first course was held in 2008.

Since then the course in its standard UK format has been delivered to about 150 participants. The course has also been used as a basis for training health professionals for the Beijing Olympics. The MEA has full use of the ECEQE manual – a 100 page equestrian specific pre-hospital care manual. The manual has been updated yearly utilising the available evidence, but most have found that it’s the practical part of the course that really gets the adrenaline working! Courses begin with lectures and skills stations. These are followed by a series of outdoor moulages situated at different types of cross-country obstacle.

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