Fitness & Conditioning


Fitness improves performance in all sport. Equestrian sport has evolved to place more emphasis on a rider’s fitness at elite level. This includes stamina and conditioning of appropriate muscles. Core muscle strength is important for riding well and techniques that focus on this such as Pilates have been adapted for riders. Attention to fitness and conditioning is important when starting to ride again after a break as well as during rehabilitation after any injury. These priniciples are as relevant to amateur riders as they are to olympians.

The MEA will be developing this page to provide more information on this important subject. We hope to benefit from the expertise of some of the trainers who have worked with teams at the recent Olympics

The British Horseracing Authority have made ‘Ready to Ride’ available on their website (in 'Medical' - 'Medical Resources'). This publication followed a project looking at jockeys’ fitness. A group of jockeys adopted changes to training and nutrition guided by a team of experts with impressive results to their health and fitness.

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